There will be a lecture at Chapel Bay Fort, Angle on Tuesday 7th March (next Tuesday) given by Chris Smith Chairman of the HBSA.  if you fancy going, let me, John ,Colin, Paul, Chas, Doc Martin or Dave S know, and we will guest you.


The lecture (In English) is entitled

Rifle of the Cent Gardes

The Mousqueton de Cent-Gardes de 9 mm – Treuille de Beaulieu Model 1854

The Cent Gardes were Napoleon 11 personal cavalry bodyguard and carried an unique small bore (for the time) rifle. ( 9 mm when everyone else was 50 cal or thereabouts). The gun was a single shot Pin Fire  paper cartridge breech loader, the breech having a falling block operated by the trigger. On firing, the loop spring below the trigger forced the hook shaped front piece up behind the cartridge, and detonated it a fraction of a second later. A large pin at the top of the cartridge was used to extract it from the breech. The gun was considered dangerous to use even in 1854. (according to William Greener)

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