Another very successful shoot was held at Penally on May 25th. Shooting commenced at 200 metres in the morning, falling back to 500 metres in the afternoon. The weather was kind to us and every shooter had ample opportunity to shoot at both distances throughout the day, the last shot being taken at 4.30 pm.

A total of 14 members and guests had a very enjoyable day and rifles in use ranged from 19th Century military issued rifles to the very latest tactical rifles. There was a good team spirit and very willing volunteers to staff the butts and the sentry points which were rotated throughout the day.

We had some of the best descriptions ever of people walking the coastal path between sentry points eg “white male, 5’ 10” , heavy rucksack walking with a limp” and we also had the added interest of moving on some French campers who had decided a firing range would be a great place to pitch a tent! We also had great work in the butts which was a real help to the shooters.

Special thanks to our friends from Penrhiwpal Shooting Club whose support made the day possible. Penally Ranges require sentry posts to be staffed so our numbers are important not only for financial considerations, but to ensure shooting can actually take place.

We will be announcing further dates on MOD ranges soon and all members, supervised probationary members  and suitably qualified guests are welcome.

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