This year 5 of our finest shooters and Marek attended the annual Phoenix event. Lorraine Neale, Adam Kendrick, Chas Rone, John Munt, Rob Wheeler and Marek Pawlik shot over the course of a number of days. Marek had to shoot his 5 events in one day due to the ice cream selling weather back home. Adam and Lorraine shot with the RO’s on Thursday and both shot well, Adam pulling one shot into the 8 on T & P 1 (pity as he had a nice x count). Lorraine shot well but she never admits it!

John Munt always shoots solid, and with his usual lack of practice still effortlessly shoots a 297 on T & P 1. He represented us well in the black powder side too.

Rob Wheeler was all doom and gloom about his performance and then you see the results!!!! He shot a 119 out of 120 in underlever Multi Target! He came 5th (so high was the standard this year). He came 2nd in the T & P 1 Classic. He then shot a full 300 with 20 Xs on T & P 1 and only came 12th. “Surely not”, I hear you say, but the standard was very high this year. Finally to his credit he also came 2nd in 1500 Classic underlever.

Marek shot 5 comps and came 2nd in Precision LBP, 3rd in Precision LBR, 2nd in T & P 1 LBR and shot a personal best with 109 in LBR multi target, so was a bit gob smacked to come 5th, yes the standard was high this year.

Which brings us nicely to the living legend Chas Rone, who after contending with jams in his pistol, super light loads in his revolver that decided to roll out the bullets instead of shooting them. Yet after all this he went on to win the Mini -McQueen beating all and sundry in the process coming ahead of 65 other competitors,  including Christopher McGill, who won the Fullbore McQueens. Showing all the youngsters how its done. Well done Chas!!

The next major gallery rifle Bisley event is the Nationals in August. If you win there you not only win the event but you win the national championship of that event. Back to practice!!