First off, let me apologise for being off air for a few months, but I have been under the Doctor. Profound apologies.

Now for the Important stuff.

Sunday 12th January 2020 will see our first competition of the season, – this is Timed and Precision 1 (The old PP1) 30 shots per discipline shot. All Gallery Rifle categories catered for – F/B U/L, S/B, LBR, LBP, Classic (iron sights). Shot at 25 M against Turning Targets.

Tuesday 14th January. Visit to Narberth Dragons, so they can beat us again . 7.30 Kick off if you are interested in attending. Contact John, Alun, Martin etc.

And now, Most Importantly of all, the AGM and Annual Prizegiving will be held in the Mariners Hotel, Haverfordwest on Wednesday, January 29th. The meeting is the first floor Meeting Room and will commence as per. at 8.00PM

Sorry for the short notice, (see above) All committee member and club official positions are up for re- election. If you wish to be considered for any of the positions, then please get your application in to the committee ASAP. Applications should state your name, and position you wish to be considered for, and be Proposed and Seconded by two club members in good standing. An outline of a proposal form is included below.

          Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club

Nomination for the position of  – XXXXXX  for 2020

Nominee – Bill Bloggs – (signed and dated)

Proposer – A . Member (signed and dated)

Seconded. – A. N. Other (signed and dated)