On 6th of January members of Haverfordwest Target Shooting club attended an afternoon of Gallery rifle training held
by club members Marek who is a British Pistol champion and Rob who is currently shooting for Wales with the Welsh gallery rifle
The afternoon started with a welcome cup of coffee and a talk about the various types of firearms used in gallery rifle shooting.
We then moved onto some of the basics, such as natural point of aim, stance and the correct grip of the firearm whether it be pistol
or rifle. We then moved onto dry firing and obtaining the correct stance in relation to the target.
Next stage was the live firing at fifteen yards where we learnt more about  timing while using the turning targets.  To end the
practical afternoon off Marek and Rob ran a Timed and precision  one competition, where we had chance to put into practise what
we had learned.  One point that has stuck  with me is  that even though the Timed and Precision matches as quite fast matches to shoot
there is still a lot of accuracy required.  For instance Timed and Precision One has a two minute stage in which to shoot
twelve shoots.
For the final part of the afternoon we retired to the club house to warm up with Coffee and Biscuits and to discuss to new skills
we had learnt during the afternoon.
Many thanks to Rob and Marek for running a very informative afternoon, and we hope that Rob and Marek will run another
gallery rifle training day in the months to come.