The recent trip to the military range at Penally was declared a great success by all who were able to attend. Despite a few weather related problems (especially in the butts according to Sutton!) some good shooting was enjoyed. A variety of guns were on display, and it was an opportunity for some to use calibres and muzzle velocities that we can’t use on our club ranges.

Sixteen members went and all had a wonderful time. Not all were experienced at shooting at ranges over 100m, so starting at 200m was exciting. All succeeded in getting on to the target, for better or worse. Dave Search shot a brilliant 3inch group of forty shots at 200m (see the picture). Quite a feat and we were all impressed!

Pete B managed to find the black with his muzzle loader. After going back to 300m and getting a bull with his first shot he gave up for the day, went to the O.P. post at Valley Top, and basked in self-praise whilst enjoying spectacular views of Caldy Island and Tenby.

Duties as either butt marshals and markers or at one of the four Observation Posts which had to be manned were shared by all. The weather interrupted shooting about mid-day, but brightened up during the afternoon. The day gave Club members a fantastic opportunity to shoot at distances normally encountered at Bisley or other ranges much further away from Pembs.

We are very grateful to the authorities who allowed us use of the facility. Many thanks to Ron the Range Warden who made us very welcome, expertly guiding us through the day.

Thanks go out to Tom Davies for his efforts in making this day possible. Now we are ‘registered’ with the range, we expect there will be more days out there to follow…

As ever, many thanks also to Pete Biebrach for his paparazzi work!