Western Shoot Saturday 11th December.

Another Western Shoot was held on Saturday 11th December on the 50 metre range utilising our recently recovered steel plate targets.

The course of fire was 12 rifle shots, 6 pistol shots and 2 shotgun shots which were timed.

Member Richard Leigh and Peter from the Western Shooting Society ran the shoot and Richard provided a large Gazebo to offer cover for both guns and people.

There were some interesting techniques and firearms on display including Model 1897 pump action shotguns, a coaching guns and muzzle loaded revolvers adapted to fire a bullet with a shotgun percussion cap.

Turnout was very poor but two committee members attended and Lance a new member who was welcomed at the last committee meeting not only attended but attended early to help move the steel plates and erect the Gazebo. Thank you Lance! Lance had the opportunity to participate watched by more RCO’s than shooters!

Our Western Shooters are a hardy bunch who weren’t put off by the constant drizzle and lack of support and are committed to holding another shoot in the New Year.

This is quite an interesting shoot and offers members the chance to try something different and it is very satisfying to hear the “ding” of a bullet hitting the plates.  Despite being a lot of fun, safety is the main priority and downloaded cartridges and soft lead bullets make the shoot safe but exciting. All members are very welcome at the next shoot where they can receive some expert instruction and a chance to participate in another aspect of the sport, and no, you don’t have to dress as a Cowboy to take part!

For many years the British Western Shooting Society held a major event at the Club and it is hoped to encourage them back in the future.


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From David Scheeres.