Please note that Tuesday’s 100m Fullbore shoot will now be held on Wednesday 19th June. Same time – 6.45 sharp start.  All subsequent midweek shoots will be Wednesday as well.

Sunday’s Competition – 23rd June – will be 25 M Gallery Rifle Precision.

On another matter, work will begin on Monday (with luck) on automating our entrance gates. When the project is complete, entry to the club will be with a dongle. This will let you in through the gates, but you will still require keys to get in to the ranges.Each dongle will be member specific and will record who is on site and when. Until the dongles are coded and issued the gate electrics will be disabled and you will be able to get in and out by opening the padlock as usual. Motorbike riders be aware of the central catch plate to hold the gates closed!!!You still need to fill in the diary and your T cards BEFORE you shoot. You MUST include your Gun Log details for everything you shoot.