Here are the results of today’s shoot. We shot 4 comps in one. Victorian, Edwardian, Service (Mauser) and .310 Cadet. Unfortunately this did not draw in the crowds like we hoped with 5 shooters doing 9 rounds between them. Are we doing something wrong? What do you want to shoot? Let us know and we will incorporate it into our shooting calendar if there is enough interest.

Rant over – here are the results. All scores ex 300.


  1. Jan Trussler        230
  2. Rob Barrett         173


  1. John Munt         235
  2. Jan Trussler      200

Service (Mauser)

Dilwyn George 260 (Scoped and Supported)

  1. Peter Biebrach  255
  2. Jan Trussler      237

.310 Cadet

  1. Peter Biebrach  263
  2. Jan Trussler       236