First Penally Trip A Great Success

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The recent trip to the military range at Penally was declared a great success by all who were able to attend. Despite a few weather related problems (especially in the butts according to Sutton!) some good shooting was enjoyed. A variety of guns were on display, and it was an opportunity for some to use calibres and muzzle velocities that we can’t use on our club ranges.   Sixteen members went and all had a wonderful time. Not all...

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PP1 & Service B Competitions

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We were back to the 25m range on Sunday 5th September for a couple of small bore disciplines, and with a good turn out there was plenty of close competition. Peter Biebrach triumphed in the PP1 with an excellent 298 / 300. In the Service B, Barrie Learmont showed a good return to form to win with 107 / 120 despite a jam!   It was good that with the 50m range now operational, members who were not competing were still able to shoot on the...

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Man v Man Competition – July 2010

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A beautifully sunny morning heralded the much awaited Man v Man competition. This event is where two shooters (male or female) compete against each other over an identical course of fire using black powder revolvers, shotguns and under-lever rifles.   It’s the type of competition where things go wrong! Too loose balls in your revolver and they climb up the cylinder and stop it revolving, caps fall off, or spent caps jam the works....

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Mini 1500 Continues – Small Bore & LBR Part 2

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The 1500 competition continued on Sunday 27th June, with the small-bore round and some additional LBR competitors weighing in.   As always, there was close competition and plenty of talking points: the usual calamities – shooting on the wrong target, dropped magazines in the middle of a very short duration course of fire and even an LBR which literally fell to bits during a reload!   But pride of place goes to a new member taking...

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Rescheduled 1500 Competition

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Due to the absence of key members of the club, the 1500 match which was orginally scheduled for 13th June took place on Sunday 20th June. It was a ‘mini’ version (90 rounds) for full bore only.   Most shooters used underlever rifles, but there were a couple of LBR’s too, which was quite tricky at 50m range. The competition was keenly fought with Vaughan Holding coming out on top, shooting an excellent score of...

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