Club and Ranges are now closed.

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In line with HMG Covid-19 advice the club will now be closed until at least June 16th. the gates will be locked for all but essential users and there will be no competitions and no shooting. After this time we may be advised to extend our closure period and we will follow whatever advice the Government gives us. We are conscious of the fact that as a club our membership falls into the older demographic. Keep calm, keep well and look...

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Wednesday League F/B

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Here are the results of Round 2. 5 people over 90 this time. We may have to consider outward gauging to sort the Goats from the Goats before too long. All scores ex 100. (3 sighters , 10 to count) Wednesday League  Fullbore Benchrest CompetitionScopedCompetitor Round 2 ScoreRound pointsAggregate PointsLance Rose0010Chas Rone941017Jan Trussler91510Rob Barrett92711Matthew Cummings9158Mick Smith002Peter Biebrach9157Ian...

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Sunday 15th March Smallbore Benchrest 50 M Competition.

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First a reminder. Wednesday 11th is the second round of the 100M Fullbore benchrest Competition. – 6.45 sharp start. Sunday15th March is a benchrest .22 shoot at 50 M .25 shots on target plus unlimited sighters in 30 minutes. Normal B/R rules apply, No bunny ears, no back bag. Butt must be held in the shoulder and off the bench.

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Sunday 8th March Timed and Precision 1 Competition.

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Sunday 8th March 2020  competition is Timed and Precision 1 (The old PP1) 30 shots per discipline shot. All Gallery Rifle categories catered for – F/B U/L, S/B, LBR, LBP, Classic (iron sights). Shot at 25 M against Turning Targets. ALSO Wednesday 11th March – Second round of the Wednesday League fullbore Competition at 100 m. 13 rounds minimum. Scoped and Iron sights. 6.45 sharp start please, and leave your cross shooting...

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