NRA Update on proposed Gun Ban

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Here is the updated position from the NRA on the HO proposals. Notice they have substantially widened the scope of the ban while in true HO terms made the terms so vague that even B/P pistols could be caught in the net. From the NRA   Update – Home Office Consultation – “Offensive Weapons” We have recently received further clarification on the Home Office proposals to prohibit two types of firearms (.50 calibre and VZ58 MARS)...

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HO Consultation on proposed Firearms Ban

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Here are some 50 cal notes on the consultation and fund raising from Peter.   The following email is just a ‘heads up’. It does not contain details of our response to the Home Office, it doesn’t not contain all our thoughts, options or recommendations. These will be formulated and distributed over the next few days. Before I go on, I should point out that if you have received this email then please be aware that I’ve sent it to...

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Timed and Precision Results 5/11 2017

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Here are the results from Mark. Small bore   Sutton    Tanner                   293  11X Peter B iebrach                    291  15X Jill    Tanner                         290  8X Mark Simpkins                    288  5X Mattthew  Cummings        284  3X Dai Sneade                           282  7X Gareth Rees                         269 4X Paul Bird     ...

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Sunday’s Mini McQueen – Last Round Results

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Here are the results from Nia. Scores from Sunday are: Nia Evans 49.4 Jan Daniels 49.2 Chas Rone 49.2 Tim Sutton 46.1 Rob Barrett 45.2 Dai Sneade 45.0 Roy Delve 44.0 Phil Cole 35.1 Peter Biebrach 32.0 Jan Trussler 12 Phil, Tim and my scores were taken from our second attempt & I am sure if there had been time for Jan and Chas to have a second shot that they’d have beaten me! That brings me to the point that we may have to limit it to one...

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Penally Shoot Wednesday 4th.

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Weather was good and everyone seemed to have a great time. Report from Dave. It was a good day and kept dry although there was a strong crosswind. There was 18 shooters and volunteers and we tried a new system devised by Roy Delve in which we had two details instead of the usual four so both details fired at 200 yards and then fell back to 500 yards when they had enough of the 200 yards. As a consequence everyone had as much shooting as they...

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B/P Results from Sunday October 1st.

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Here are the results from John. It was pleasing to see the gunline padded out with a few extra faces, apart from the usual suspects.  Still room for a few more though. A foggy day got a bit dense at times with all that nutty slack being burned.   Kuchenreuter single shot Tim Ward                    91 John Munt                   87 Chas Rone                   84 (2×10) Peter...

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