Here are last Sunday’s B/P results from John


50m Blackpowder Pistol 5th July 2015

1st Tim Ward 84

2nd John Munt 67

3rd Peter Biebrach 65 (c/back)

4th Chas Rone 65 (c/back)


Important message from John

Reminder to all members that under the firearms act a member MUST visit the club and use the guns on their firearms certificate ONCE in every 12 months.


If you do not attend, the club is legally required to inform the Firearm Department. Whilst John Munt does his best to chase up recalcitrant members it is still your job to attend! Also if you don’t re-join the club every January your name (air & FAC) is also passed to the Firearms Department. If there are any members who has not got an attendance card please let John Munt know. The attendance card is the method the uses to keep track of your attendance. If you do not date it then as far as the club is concerned you have not attended.