Military Rifle Competition

24th November 2013. 10.00 Hrs.   We are having a 50 Meter Military Black Powder Rifle Competition.

Rifles permitted. : Any standard Military issue rifle originally designed to fire metallic black powder cartridges and lead heads. Rifle must be equipped with standard military iron sights no peeps or telescopic sights. A two point sling is permitted as most such rifles were issued with a sling. Ammunition must be loaded with black powder not nitro.


Comp to be shot in standing position with no extra support. e.g. cross sticks etc not permitted. Course of fire is 20 shots all to count at 50m. Time allowed 30 mins. Range Officer to call times at 10, 20 and 25  minute points. Example of rifles permitted Lee Metford, Mauser 1888, Remington Rolling Blocks, Sharpes, Kropatschek, Snider, Trapdoor, Winchester up to 1892. There are lots more – like the Martin Enery above. Note :- No 310 Cadets, No K98’s – even if you load them with nutty slack .

Kind regards, Adam.