Jill Tanner, Sutton Tanner and Marek Pawlik

The National Rifle Association holds a Gallery Rifle and Pistol competition four times a year at the National Shooting Centre Bisley. A few of our members attend all four competitions when possible and this year has brought some very good results from our members.

Jill Tanner had a Gold medal and Sutton Tanner had the Silver medal in the 25m Timed & Precision competition at the Spring Action weekend held at the end of March. Sutton Tanner also had a Gold medal in the 25m Multi-Target discipline. Well done to Sutton with Gold and Silver medals a really good start to the new season.

The Phoenix Meeting held at the end May brings competitors from all over the world to compete in these competitions. This is a very busy meeting and Jill Tanner won a Bronze medal in the 25m Multi-Target competition.

At the Nationals held on the August Bank Holiday weekend, Marek Pawlik came away with a Gold medal in the 50m Precision and a Silver medal in the 25m Precision with his latest acquisition. Well done to Marek very good results and keep it up.

On the Saturday evening at the Autumn Action Weekend held at the end of October (this being the last Gallery Rifle and Pistol competition for 2011). There is a fantastic firework display put on which is better than any firework display that I have ever seen, followed by a buffet meal in the Sergeant’s Mess. This is a must and should not to be missed if you attend the last Gallery Rifle and Pistol meeting held for 2011 on the last weekend of October.

Any member who feels that his or her shooting isn’t good enough to enter these competitions would be totally wrong. There could be many Gold, Silver and Bronze standard shooters in the same competition, (standard being determined by your score) but you must have the highest score in your classification to be awarded a medal.

It’s not all about shooting, it’s about the camaraderie and competition spirit and we do have some socializing with other competitors from different clubs and areas who we see regularly at almost every meeting. We also stay quite near to the site although you can stay on the camp if you would prefer. There are lots of other attractions in the vicinity i.e. Legoland, Coral Reef and several theme parks nearby, it’s a very good weekend for all the family.