This competition was shot in two phases: a combination of the two giving an overall score.

The first stage was speed shooting, called “Los Alamitos”. Six shots fired at each of six targets in various times.
The closest at 10m – six shots in six seconds, then back through two more distances to six in 12 seconds at 20m. 48 rounds fired altogether.

The second was simulated plate shooting. Each shooter firing strings of six at different ranges and timings, back to 20m. Again 48 rounds fired.

These two combined called “The Bianchi”.

Some shooters suffered from malfunctions, but thanks to the ROs, John and Ann-Marie, all shooters completed the courses of fire.

The individual section scores were:

Stage 1 – Los Alamitos Underlever:
1st Tim Ward 453
2nd John Munt 446
3rd Richard James 442
4th Peter Biebrach 437
5th Alan Davies 431
6th Ann-Marie 385

Stage 1 – Los Alamitos LBR:
1st Marek Pawlik 452
2nd Alun Lloyd 436
3rd Richard James 395

Stage 2 – Plates Underlever:
1st = Peter Biebrach 440
1st = John Munt 440
2nd = Ann-Marie James 420
2nd = Tim Ward 420
2nd = Richard James 420
3rd Alan Davies 360

Stage 2 – Plates LBR:
1st Marek Pawlik 440
2nd Richard James 360
3rd Alun Lloyd 330

Click here for the combined scores and the league points allocations.