It was one of the Grandson’s birthdays today and we booked on Outdoors Wales to visit Battlefield Live at short notice having seen a leaflet in the Clubhouse. On arrival we found they were closed for maintenance and the booking had not been passed on. The owners Steve and Toria Dean, downed tools and opened up just for the six of us which was extremely nice of them.

We had a great time using the same laser weapons currently in use by the Royal Marines for “live firing” training on board ships. The guns are accurate with a limited 25 round capacity but can be reloaded. “Hits” are recorded on sensors attached to a hat and the gun. Sound effects are great and we thought the Coastguard Helicopter was landing amongst us a few times!

We played several games which you can play at your own pace and can include Sniper and Ambush tactics so it was very much the “old bull walking down into the valley with the young bulls galloping”.

This is a fun way to hone up on PP1 and practical skills in a disciplined environment where you can also take youngsters because you haven’t got live firing risks and you don’t get splattered by paint. They provide overalls and they even had one to fit me! Not quite what we do but nevertheless a “shooting” sport and something to do which will stimulate interest in shooting sports which can’t do anyone any harm. Book direct because its cheaper and you won’t get the same c*ck up we had. Some of the shooting covers were made up from Puffin Potatoe Crates which I thought a favourable omen!