The trip to the Barry Shooting Club on the 2nd was very very successful.

We left our club a few minutes after 9am due to a late arrival but once we were all on board we were on our way. We trundled along the M4 motorway goverened at 62mph in the pouring rain, wipers going and steamy windows, we stopped for a pit-stop in Pont Abraham services. We changed drivers and John Munt who has recently had some tuition in driving mini buses took over. A little nervous to start but he soon re-gained his confidence and then we couldn’t get him out of the drivers seat!!!

On arrival at the Barry club our hosts Neil and Martin very kindly supplied coffee, tea and snacks ready for us and then the shooting began. Pictures were being taken on a timed and precision basis as we were trying to capture Tom Davies’s big gun fireworks display!!

The shop was busy, guns and goodies were being sold and money was changing hands like there certainly was no recession.

Around 4pm with sore shoulders and elbows we all had had enough, so, we loaded up and off we went again travelling back on the M4 in the rain. We stopped at the Forge Motel near St Clears for refuelling and a meal.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day!!!

Here’s a gallery of pictures courtesy of Pete Biebrach: