Report from Marek.


Our Shooters (both  Boys and Girls ) showed their caliber at Bisley for the Autumn Action Weekend !

Featuring  –  Jan Daniels, Rob Wheeler , Marek Pawlik, Adam Kendrick  and Lorraine Neal.

Jan Daniels  came back to Bisley  after some time away with great determination, and beat a lot of other seasoned shooters in the small bore McQueen and underlever  Advancing Target . In T & P 1 underlever she shot a perfect 300 and then found 3 of her X’s were in on her neighbors target . Her  neighboring shooter says he will buy her a new car if she keeps doing that for him, – he was very happy.

Marek was so happy with his new Smith and Wesson revolver, that in its first competitive outing he was thinking OMG that trigger is so beautiful, and completely forgot about the timing and dropped a shot in Multi Target. Mr stroppy pants then went out for dinner with Jan and Rob, and promptly let Guinness take over. Next day feeling suitably relaxed although rather heavy of head, he won 3 of his 6 other comps, – those being 25M Revolver Precision, T&P 1 Revolver and T& P 1 Pistol,  and  came 2nd in Multi Target Pistol.  He thinks  alcohol the day before is going to be the  the answer, – so long as someone else is buying !!!

Rob Wheeler not be out done, shot and won Speed Steel Plates underlever. He also shot a PB and won in Multi Target Small Bore. He then got a second place in Underlever  1500 with a score of 1488! He had a number of 3rd places too . Rob is not only a top shooter but will turn his hand to almost any event and do well !!Who says men cant multi task ?

Speaking of multi tasking Adam seemed to be keeping Lorraine busy whilst  running all the 1500 shoots on Melville D. Well done to both of you –  massive amount of shooters to put through their comps over the weekend.

Both the Spring and Autumn Action weekends are  low stress low pressure  events where you get the chance to shoot with some of the best shooters from all over the country. There are so many unusual events too  so if you fancy a try come and talk to us and we would love to help .