Here are some of the results from last weekend’s shoot at Bisley – from Adam

A very successful Autumn Action Weekend at Bisley with some excellent scores shows that Haverfordwest is up there with the best of the countries top class shooters.

Worthy of praise and congratulations are Daffydd Perks, Robert Wheeler and Marek Pawlik with Daffydd winning the Timed and Precision 1 CF X Class with and outstanding 300 and 25x, Rob just missing the top spot by 1x. I have told Rob again and again to get his close ones gauged !!!


Here is a sample of the scores.


Daffydd Perks.

TP1 CF                                           1st   300  25x

TP1 LBR                                        3rd   277  1x

Advancing Tgt  LBR Irons        2nd   142  3x



Robert Wheeler.

TP1 CF                                       2nd  300  24x

TP1 SB                                       2nd    297  9x

TP2 CF                                       3rd    588  25x

MT  CF                                       1st    118  15x

1500 CF                                      2nd   1483 19x

Adv Tgt SB                                 1st    288  23x

Adv Tgt CF                                 1st    179  25x


Marek Pawlik.

25m Precision LBR                      3rd   276  4x

50m Precision LBR                      2nd   224  3x

TP1 LBP                                        1st   297  11x

TP1 LBR                                        2nd   298  13x

TP1 LBR Open                             2nd   298  13x

MT LBR                                        3rd   104  5x