We awoke on Saturday to find it had snowed during the night. After scraping the ice and snow off the cars and driving to the shooting ground the temperature was only 2 degrees and the wind from the North was absolutely freezing.

In spite of all the conditions Marek had a brilliant shoot on Saturday with 2 – 1st a 2nd and a 3rd place. With icy rain and strong wind he had a 297 x 16 with his LBR in the T&P which I thought must be a winning score but someone else piped him to the post. On Sunday he had 1st place in the MT competition and a 2nd place in the Advancing Target all in all he had a very good weekend shooting.

Sutton also did well; his gun behaved itself and performed okay, he had a 2nd place in the Multi-Target. But he had 2 jams in the T&P first stage which gave him a little extra time to correct the jams and he finished with a 289 not one of his better scores but he took 5th place. Even though he didn’t have good scores it is the best he has done over the previous four meetings.

Jill had a disastrous start on Saturday with some of the lowest scores she has ever had at Bisley. Her trigger finger wouldn’t bend in the cold arctic conditions but Sunday was a whole new ball game!!! She shot the LBP for the first time in the Advancing Target with Marek shooting his LBR and everything went without a single hitch she was highly delighted with the 148 x 6 score. Not a winning score but now she needs to fine tune the gun.

The number of people attending the AAW Shoot was well down (as were the temperatures!!!) The fact that there wasn’t a Firework display on Saturday evening could have been a contributory factor as this was always a good finish to the finale Gallery Rifle Shoot of the year.

If you would like to see the full results of the weekend shoot go to www.galleryrifle.com.