The last Gallery Rifle competition of the season has been and gone; the number in attendance was very disappointing with around a hundred competitors all shooting four or more competitions.  We all miss the firework display which used to be held at the end of this competition and was a really good finish to the season which went off with a BANG!!!

Maybe the weather prediction of  the St Jude Storm approaching our shores might have put several competitors off traveling any distance over the weekend but, the weather wasn’t as bad as expected and for those who shot on Sunday morning, they had brilliant weather.   Another big contributory factor may well be the continually increasing entry fees for all the Bisley GR competitions.

Adam (Indi Jones) Kendrick who has recently qualified in Bisley as an MOD RCO was there strutting his stuff on the ground for the first time, well done Adam.  He stayed on the camp in his Bell Tent with his wood burner and all the facilities you can think of for comfort!!

Jill Tanner did very well with a first in the Advancing Target GRSB and a second in the Multi-Target GRSB.  Charles Rone also did well with his LBP he had a first in the Timed & Precision and a second in the Multi-Target LBP.  Sutton Tanner was in fourth place in the Multi-Target GRSB and he had a fifth place in Timed & Precision GRSB.  John Munt had a third in the 1500 CRCF well done to all our members!!