Not to tempt fate by wishing you anything. – as a sad man was told “cheer up, Things could be worse” – so he cheered up , and sure enough……

2020 has been a real disaster best summed up in a four letter expletive beginning with a very large capital “S”.

Still we did manage some shooting thanks mainly to the help of a band of stalwart sanitizers who kept the dreaded bug at bay with copious quantities of bleach. Our thanks go out to those individuals whose efforts managed to just keep us in the game, namely Lance, Matthew, Paul, Ian, Steve, Adam, Colin, Chris, Nigel and Mark (plus the Craddocks for doing a Special, and Pete for ordering the Bleach and stuff)

It looks likely that we are still going to be in and out of lockdowns for the first quarter of the year at least, so please watch this space, and roll on the Jab!

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Calm