Here are the results from Peter.

50 Metre Bench rest  .22

Today we ran the last of this year’s competitions.  The task set was to put 25 rounds as close to the centre dot  of a target the size of a match head from 50 metres away.  Calibre to be used, .22.  Maximum score 250. ( If the centre dot is hit, an extra point one, is added.)

The rifle is to be placed on a stand on the bench and shot from there. No side supports allowed.

Seven members braved the stormy weather. The winner, Martin shot very well, with only four rounds not in the 10 ring. Well done!

The rest of us blamed the wind for our scores.

  1. Martin Davies            246.1
  2. Dai Sneade                 240.3
  3. Fred Bishop                240.1
  4. Peter Biebrach           230.3
  5. Rob Barrett                 229.2
  6. Chas Rone                   217.5
  7. Paul Bird                      207