Here are the results of the 25M Precision competition of Sunday 23rd Jume. All scores ex 300. (from Mark)

Full Bore

JOHN Rolfe                                295                         14X

LANCE Rose                               291                         14X

PETER Biebrach                       290                         12X

PAUL Bird                                 288                         12X


JOHN Rolfe                                288                         12X

DAI Sneade                                254                         2X

Mark Simpkins                          188                         2X


JOHN Rolfe                                 298                         16X

LANCE Rose                               283                         5X

DAI Sneade                                 279                         5X

PETER Biebrach                         277                         3X

LOUISE George                            270                         4X

FRED Bishop                               268                         4X

PAUL Bird                                  253                         2X


Lance Rose 268 1X