There was a good turn out for the .22 Precision and Duelling competition and for once the weather was perfect.

The course of fire interesting to say the least. Tom had devised a difficult but ‘doable’, time restricted load and shoot style event. These events are always exciting, as was the case on Sunday. Some of the usual top scorers were held back by a combination of mechanical malfunctions and poor timing. i.e. TOO SLOW!

However, Richard James, shooting in the ‘B’ Class did very well, winning his class with a score which would have put him second in the ‘A’ class. Well done..


Jill Tanner
Thanks to Tom (our Competition Secretary) for organising such an interesting competition, it just goes to show that there is more to shooting than just aiming the gun and firing – accuracy at speed loading is also important. We will be looking forward to the next competition