HTSC Annual General Meeting and Prizegiving. 2019


The Annual General Meeting of the club will be held on Wednesday 30th. January, in the upstairs meeting room of the Mariners Hotel, Haverfordwest. The meeting will commence at 8 PM sharp and be followed by the Annual Prizegiving.

The main purpose of the meeting will be to choose Officers for the club, and Committee Members. Posts up for election and current incumbents are –

Chairman –                                   (D. Scheeres)

Vice Chair –                                 (M. Perrett)

Secretary –                                   (J. Trussler)

Treasurer –                                   (P.Taylor)

Membership Secretary –             (J. Munt)

Comps. Secretary –                       (Vacant)

Range Development –                  (Vacant)

Training                                      (P. Biebrach)


Committee  {10} – (6- 7 FAC – 3-4 Air)  – (M Simpkins, I. McCallan, , J. Smith, T. Sutton, L. Rose, (Vacant +2)   Air section –  (A. Davies, M Davies, P Rogers )


Nominations for these positions should reach the committee –  (J. Trussler),   by  the  22nd.    January 2019.    All the remaining  named members of the Committee have decided to stand for election and need not be nominated .

Nominations can only be made with the signed approval of the nominee and must be accompanied by a proposer and a seconder who are Full Members of the club in good standing. The nomination should look as follows – (available in the clubhouse)


Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club

Nomination for the position of  – XXXXXX

for 2019

Nominee – Bill Bloggs – (signed and dated)

Proposer – A . Member (signed and dated)

Seconded. – A. N. Other (signed and dated)


No nominations will be accepted after 23rd. January 2019.

J.T 08/12/18