Here are the minutes of the AGM held at the Mariners Hotel on Februaru 1st. 2017

Minutes of 2017 AGM


Annual Prizegiving list (not Complete)

Annual Prizegiving  Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club

February  2017


Competition                           Club Championship A class

1st. Place                                 Rob Wheeler

2nd. Place                                Daf perks

3rd. Place                                 John Munt

4th. Place                                 John Rolfe

5th. Place                                 Adam Kendrick


Competition                           Club Championship B Class

1st. Place                                 Mark Simpkins

2nd. Place                                Jan Daniels

3rd. Place                                 Jill Tanner

4th. Place                                 Paul Bird

5th. Place                                 Julien Miles


Perpetual Trophies



Full Bore                                 John Rolfe

Small Bore                              John Rolfe

Multi Target

Full Bore                                 Rob Wheeler

Small Bore                              Terry Fry


25 M                                       John Munt

50 M                                       John Munt ( – by 1 point from P. Biebrach)


Man V Man                            Rob Wheeler


Standard Pistol                       Daf Perks


Xmas Practical                       Rob Wheeler



Full Bore                                 John Rolfe

Small Bore                              John Rolfe


Phoenix A                               P. Biebrach


LBR                                        Marek Pawlik

LBP                                         Marek Pawlik



Club Champion A                   Rob Wheeler

Club Champion B                   Mark Simpkins


Air Competitions


Air Junior Champion              Ryan Edwards

Air Most Improved                 Sam England


Competition                            Spring/Precharged combined A

1st. Place                                 Martin Davies

2nd. Place                                Philip Davies

3rd. Place                                 Andrew Gammon

4th. Place                                 Carol Davies


Competition                            Spring/Precharged combined B

1st. Place                                 Ryan Edwards

2nd. Place                                Sam England

3rd. Place                                 Alain England

4th. Place                                 Dai Sneade

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