A very well attended 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on the evening of 2nd Feb 2011.
Along with a good deal of discussion about our current and planned activities, the 2010 competions prizes were also awarded. A host of regulars picked up their prizes as usual, but it was good to see that a couple of key awards went to new names, with Peter Biebrach being crowned as Club Champion for 2010 and Richard James picked up several prizes, most notably, the ‘Most Improved’ shooter and the B League winner. Richard has now been promoted to the A league for this year, as has Jan Trussler who was B league runner-up.

Among items discussed were:

  • Our achievements and activities over the past year.
  • The development proposals from our neighbours, Puffin Produce.
  • Our plans for the development of additional club facilities such as a 100m range, and also repairs necessary to the clubhouse and 25m range.

Club officials and committee members all stood down from their positions and offered themselves for re-election. All were reinstated with the following exceptions:

Jan Trussler has stood down as Club Secretary and Gareth Irving was elected to that position for the coming year.

Tom Davies had also stood down as Competitions Secretary just prior to the AGM and temporary cover for that demanding role has been appointed thus: John Munt, in addition to his role as Membership Secretary, will look after the pistol calibre competitions and David Scheeres will run rifle compeitions.

I am sure that all members will wish to pass on sincere gratitude to Jan and Tom for all the time and hard work that they have given in helping our Club to thrive.