Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club was established in 1968 as Haverfordwest Pistol Club. We enjoy excellent facilities:  100m, 50m & 25m ranges, a 10m indoor air pistol range and a clubhouse for relaxation and socializing!

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What We Do

The Club is licensed for guns up to 45cal and 1500fps and the 10m for 6ft lb at 25 m. The 50 and 100M range are licensed for 5160 ft/lbs –  7000 Joules and 3280 ft/sec or 1000 m/sec. We run a club competition every month throughout the year and during the summer shooting season we attend and hold inter-club competitions. We regularly host National and International competitions.

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We have an open meeting every Sunday morning from about 10:00am for Firearms shooting and Thursday evenings from 7:00pm for Airguns. This is when many of the members will be found at the club.

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...such an interesting competition, it just goes to show that there is more to shooting than just aiming the gun and firing – speed loading is also important!

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